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Easy selection of one of the four preset configurations for a specific application segment provides a fast solution to solve your research problems. The fully configurable platform also gives you the freedom to personalize your own Spark reader. The Spark is also upgradeable so that you can add modules at any time in the future.

As of 2022, all Spark reader configurations are carbon neutral

Advantages of Product:

  1. High Speed Monochromator
    Full absorbance spectrum scan in less than five seconds. Spark’s dedicated, patent-pending High Speed Monochromator is designed to set new standards for absorbance measurement speed and accuracy.
  2.  Fluorescence – Fusion Optics
    Revolutionary design offers sensitivity with flexibility. Spark’s Fusion Optics represent the first optical solution to combine the flexibility of monochromators with the sensitivity of filters in a single fluorescence measurement.
  3. Luminescence optics
    Designed for sensitivity. Spark’s luminescence module offers optimized sensitivity for 96-, 384- and 1,536-well format glow, flash and multi-color luminescence applications. The pioneering design of the luminescence optics enables spectral recording of signals without compromising on sensitivity, giving you superior assay performance and preparing you for future luminescence applications.
  4. Automated cell imaging
    Simple and cost-efficient cell imaging built directly into a multimode reader. The Spark cell imaging module consists of a LED brightfield illumination, a 4x objective lens, a CMOS 1.3 megapixel camera and a robust laser-based autofocus system, delivering performance to rival an automated microscope.This system offers an affordable solution for users wanting to enter this exciting application area.
  5. Live cell package
    Your life as a cell biologist revolves around keeping your cells happy, no matter the time or day. Take back control of your time and keep your cells happy by automating your workflows. Spark brings together the capabilities of an automated incubator, a microplate reader and a cell imager in one, offering new possibilities for you and your lab.
  6. Te-Cool – true temperature stability
    Consistent temperature is a prerequisite for reliable results. Spark is the first multimode reader with integrated cooling, giving you complete temperature control between 18 and 42 °C – regardless of the ambient temperature in your lab – every time, across every season, anywhere in the world.

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