Brand : Tecan

HydroSpeed™ plate washer
for cells, beads and ELISAs in 96- and 384-well microplate formats

HYDROSPEED is Tecan’s advanced plate washer, designed for quick, parallel washing of entire 96- and 384-well plates. This avoids time differences between the wells for uniform results. In addition, HYDROSPEED provides full control of wash power for optimized washing of cells, beads and ELISAs.

Advantages of Product:

  1. Cell Protection™
    Extra gentle cell washing with tuneable wash power
  2. Anti-Clogging™
    Reliable operation through active prevention of needle clogging
  3. Patented design using dual magnets per well
    Efficient bead settling and high bead recovery rates
  4. Ease of use
    Integrated monitoring of liquid level in waste bottle
  5. Plate assistant function
    Patent-pending auto-adjust function for easy teaching of new plates
  6. Intense cleaning of wash heads
    Using a typical lab ultrasonic bath.

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