Brand : Tecan

Infinite® F50 GP

The Infinite F50 GP is Tecan’s family of reliable, validated and compact absorbance microplate readers for ELISA. They provide accurate, fast photometric measurements using innovative eight-channel optics and LED technology.

Together with Magellan™ reader control and data analysis software, these readers are ideal for a variety of ELISA applications.

Advantages of Product:

  1. Long-life LED lamps
    LED lamp offers 10 times longer maintenance-free operation than Halogen Lamp
  2. Ready for RoHS
    Designed to meet the European directive 2011/65/EU for the reduction of hazardous substances, as well as China RoHS.
  3. Compact design increases efficiency
    Advanced design and high quality components make it possible to combine excellent performance and low weight.The small size and low weight increase transport efficiency and help to lower CO2 emissions compared to conventional ELISA readers, which are typically less compact.

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