Chemistry Analyzer Pointcare® cM4

Brand : MNCHIP

This is an automatic Point of Care Testing (POCT) instrument for rapid clinical chemistry examinations, which is small in size but large in terms of accuracy, reliability, and reproducibility. The MNCHIP Chemistry Analyzer Pointcare® cM4 can provide real-time blood chemistry diagnostic information with just 100μl of blood samples.

With MNCHIP, you can enhance operational efficiency and provide on-site readiness diagnostics.

With just three steps using a reagent disk, you will obtain clinical chemistry results without the need for pre-analytical stages as all processes are fully automated within the device.

Product Advantages:

  • The POCT device is easy to operate and does not require a specific location.
  • Portable and efficient for mobility or onsite.
  • Efficient for MCU requirements.
  • General Chemistry I panel, in a single run will provide results of 17 markers (TP, ALB, GLO*, A/G, TBIL, DBIL, IBIL*, ALT, AST, CRE, UREA, UA, GLU, TG, CHOL, HDL -C, LDL-C*).
  • Touch screen monitor that facilitates device operation.
  • QR code on each reagent disk panel, ensuring accurate and quality results.

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