SMARTCHEK® HALAL Assurance Test Kit

Brand : Genesystem
Category : Real-Time PCR

Precise and highly sensitive Porcine detection in 50 minutes.

The dietary laws prohibit Jews and Muslims from consuming pork but when pork ingredients are included in food products deliberately or accidently, consumers cannot recognize its existence due to lack of proper tools for the detection.

Genesystem has developed fast and easy-to-use porcine detection system which enables food producers and merchants to perform HALAL testing by themselves without sending the samples to third party labs for analysis and get assured with the ingredients they consume through 40-50 minutes taking qPCR based HALAL testing process.

Key features and benefits :

    • Contains DNA extraction kit and ready-to-use PCR assay for convenient test.
    • Whole testing can be finished in 50 minutes for meats and processed foods.
    • Simple protocol for minimized user handling – Just add DNA template and run the test.
    • Ideal for on-site detection using GENECHECKER® UF-300 Real-time PCR System based mobile lab system.

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