Oxford LP® Oxford Accutip Racked (OAR) Pipette Tips

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Oxford Accutip Racked (OAR) Pipette Tips

The Oxford Lab Products OAR tip line is the newest state-of-the-art universal pipette tip. These tips were engineered to be suitable for any single channel and 8 or 12 multi-channel Universal pipettes, making this pipette tip appropriate for all lab environments.

Features & Benefits:
– RNase, DNase, cytotoxic, PCR inhibitors, endotoxic, pyrogenic free
– Low retention, sterilized, filtered
– Manufactured with diamond finished molds using high quality Polypropylene material and hydrophobic resins
– Sterilized by gamma irradiation SAL10-6 (ISO11137)
– Shelf life: 3 years after month of production
– Manufactured under (ISO13485 and ISO9001) quality management system
– Substance-free hydrophobic resins to prevent contamination and sample retention
– Ultra-fine point tip ends to guarantee accuracy, precision, and consistency

Model Types:
– OAR-10-SLF
– OAR-20-SLF
– OAR-100-SLF
– OAR-200-SLF
– OAR-300-SLF
– OAR-1000XL-SLF

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