Guardian Class 2 Biological Safety Cabinets

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Guardian Class 2 Biological Safety Cabinets from Monmouth Scientific keep your team safe while handling potentially hazardous materials.

Produced to the highest quality standards, this advanced Biosafety cabinet is equipped with an HEPA H14 filter to create a Clean Environment with ISO Class 4 and features intuitive control system, energy-efficient LED lighting, controlled airflow, and UV sterilization function.

Guardian Class 2 Biological Safety Cabinets utilize airflow drawn through the front opening into the cabinet. This type of airflow can protect personnel by preventing aerosols generated during microbiological processes from escaping through the front vent. Guardian Class 2 Biological Safety Cabinets are suitable for working with microbiological agents tested at Biosafety Levels 1, 2, 3, or 4.

Key features and benefits :

    • Polyester Coated Zintec Mild Steel with Toughened Glass Panel.
    • UV Room Disinfection.
    • High-quality HEPA filter with 99.997% efficiency at 0.3 microns, creating an ISO Class 4 clean environment.
    • The workbench can be divided into three sections, detachable, with a stainless steel grade 316 mirror finish, including profiled air intake grilles to ensure efficient airflow.
    • The installed Visionaire® touch screen technology on this Biosafety Cabinet enables the highest level of operator monitoring, giving you the ability to control every aspect of the necessary product operations.
    • Equipped with the Infra-Red Intelligent Sash Safety (IRISS) system that projects infrared light across the opening base, if interrupted, the sash closure will be immediately and automatically canceled, preventing potential injuries or damages.

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