INR Test Strip

Brand : Lumira DX
Category : Immunology

The LumiraDx INR Test measures prothrombin time reported as International Normalized Ratio (INR) from a single, direct fingerstick blood sample – all in less than 90 seconds*. The Test is used for monitoring patients on oral anticoagulation therapy with Vitamin-K Antagonist (VKA) drugs. Used with the LumiraDx Instrument, the Test delivers rapid results at the point of care.

Test benefits:
1. Improved convenience – on the spot testing – at the patient’s side
2. Faster turnaround times when compared to laboratory testing – results in less than 90 seconds*
3. Faster diagnosis and management of treatment leads to improved clinical outcomes
4. Reduced number of referrals – reducing the burden upon secondary care
5. Precise & accurate – CVs <5% and correlation with the Instrumentation Laboratory ACL Elite laboratory reference method
6. Room temperature Test Strip storage

* Supratherapeutic INR > 4.0 test result could take 90-180 seconds

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