Sysmex XP-100 / XP-300

Brand : Sysmex

Sysmex XP-100 / XP-300 is an automatic 3-part differential hematology analyzer (Lym, Neut, Mix) and the right choice for laboratories requiring a robust instrument, reliable service and high-quality diagnostic results.

The Sysmex XP 100 / 300 can measure up to 20 hematologic parameters, equipped with 3 types of histograms consisting of RBC, PLT, and WBC histograms, can store up to 35,000 patient data (XP-100) and 40,000 patient data (XP-300), compact and small-sized device but capable of running 60 samples per hour.

Continuing upon the successful features of its predecessor, the XP-100/XP-300 offers a variety of new features to make working in the laboratory easier, such as a touch screen and a unique barcode system for managing reagents. It is based on the concept of the silent design, which optimizes the user experience.

Variant of products: XP-100, XP-300.

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