Diatron Aquila Hematology Analyzer

Brand : Diatron

Diatron Aquila Hematology Analyzer, a 3-part differential hematology analyzer.

This is a patented, innovative, and revolutionary hematology instrument with user-friendly operation, delivering high-quality CBC results and measuring up to 22 hematology parameters. This compactly designed instrument allows for mobility, such as in mobile labs, remote areas, etc.

It uses an all-in-one reagent (Smart Pack Reagent), one reagent bottle for all needs, such as sample analysis, priming, washing, and others, minimizing generated waste and reducing the need for other reagents.

The high-resolution capacitive touch screen and user-friendly interface allow for accurate data entry and result monitoring, ensuring quick and efficient operation. Results can be retrieved through on-screen display or an external printer. It can connect to a Laboratory Information System (LIS) using HL7 instrument communication protocol.

Product advantages:

  • Innovative, reliable, and efficient.
  • Cost-effective, 200 tests per pack.
  • Easy to use.
  • High performance and portable.
  • Unique, a single bottle of all-in-one package, Smart Pack Reagent (diluent, lyse, and waste) for all needs.
  • 22 hematology parameters with 3 separate histograms.
  • Patented technology.

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