Bioevopeak Liquid Chromatograph Column BEH Series

Brand : Bioevopeak
Category : Chromatography

BEH Series Columns
The latest generation of hybrid silica columns developed and launched. The hybrid silica combines the advantages of both organic and inorganic packing, with the high column efficiency, high mechanical strength and retention stability of pure silica packing, and the wide pH range stability and acidic inhibition of silanol groups of polymer packing, which can maintain a good column life even under extreme conditions.

Product Characteristics:
– Hybridized silica; reduce the surface silicone hydroxyl effect
– Significant reduction in bonding phase loss through triple bonding
– Excellent resistance to acids and bases (pH 1.0 -12.5) and good column life even under extreme conditions
– Double capping technology for maximum elimination of silicone hydroxyl residues
– Excellent selectivity and batch repeatability
-Pore sizes [BOA, 200A and 300A] for applications ranging from small molecule analysis to large molecule biology Pharmaceutical applications

Model Types:
– BEH T-C18
– BEH AQ-C18
– BEH T-C8
– BEH Phenyl

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