Bioevopeak® Liquid Chromatograph 3100-HPLC System

Brand : Bioevopeak
Category : Chromatography

High Performance Liquid Chromatography
(Pump + Detector + Column + Workstation)

3100-HPLC System is the higher and more reliable quality product with samples analysis.

System Configurations:
– Isocratic System
– High-Pressure Binary Gradient System
– Quartenary Low-Pressure Gradient System
– ELITE-AAK/AAP Amino Acid Analytical System

What’s included in the package:
– HPLC-3000FP High Pressure Constant Flow Pump
– HPLC-3000DT UV/VIS Detector
– EClassical D3110 Diode Array Detector (for DAD detector)
– HPLC 7725SI Sample Injector
– SinoChrom HPLC Column
– HPLC-5100 WS Workstation
– HPLC-M3100 System Manager
– HPLC-15 GM Gradient Mixer (for Binary Gradient Configuration)
– LU3100 Quartenary Low Pressure Unit (for Quaternary Gradient Configuration)

Key Characteristics:
– Classic short stroke, serial, and multi-stage flow correction, ensuring pump performance.
– Concave surface holographic grating and intelligent power supply for deuterium lamp, steadily improving detector functioning.
– Application of optoelectronic isolation and EMI protection ensuring stable communication.
– All round upgraded Chromsoft workstation that is operator-friendly and promotes customer experience.

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