One tube. One test. The power of three.

Combining three tests in a single tube, the ULTRIO® Assay is a qualitative in-vitro nucleic acid amplification test for the detection of HIV-1 RNA, HCV RNA, and HBV DNA in plasma and serum specimens from human donors. Because ULTRIO tests for 3 markers simultaneously, it represents a powerful and efficient solution for your blood screening needs. PROCLEIX® ULTRIO® Assay offers:

Reduced risk of transfusion transmitted infections

In the world of blood screening, confidence in results is of critical importance. While ELISA blood screening technology relies on the detection of serological markers, these markers may not appear in blood until up to three months after an infection, leaving a “window period” in which a risk of transfusion-transmitted infection is increased. The PROCLEIX ULTRIO Assay reduces this window period by detecting the presence of the viral RNA or DNA directly. Scientific models estimate that NAT significantly reduces the infectious window period in both individual and mini-pool donation testing formats.