AMA Co Ltd is a leading company in a sphere of developing and manufacturing innovative test-systems for Helicobacter pylori detection.


AMA was established by a group of people with experience in the medical and chemical fields.
AMA is focused on developing and producing of innovative test-systems for medical diagnostics and for scientific goals. AMA Co. Ltd since the beginning was actively involved in a field of gastroenterology, producing the test-systems for diagnostics of the stomach infection H.pylori.
Global prevalence of gastritis, ulcer and gastric cancer, which are related to H.pylori, and the urgent need in cheap, express, easy-to-use and precise diagnostics tools were the reasons AMA’s specialists had developed new products: AMA® Rapid Urease Test (AMA® RUT Expert) and HELIC Ammonia Breath Test (HELIC® ABT).

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