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HbA1c Test Strip

Brand: Lumira DX

Category: Life Science

Tags: Diabetes, Diabetic test, HbA1c, POCT Diabetes, Lumira Dx HbA1c

Product Description:

The LumiraDx HbA1c test is an easy to use, fast microfluidic immunoassay designed to rapidly quantify HbA1c in fingerstick and venous whole blood. Used with the LumiraDx Platform, the LumiraDx HbA1c test delivers rapid, reliable results in < 7 minutes at the point of care.

Test benefits:
1. Certification: IFCC, NGSP
2. Sample types: capillary fingerstick or venous whole blood (EDTA) via lysis device
3. Sample size: 15μL
4. Time to result: < 7 minutes
5. Precision: <2% NGSP, <3% IFCC (single instrument)
6. Measuring range: 20 – 130 mmol/mol (4.0 – 14.0%)
7. No significant Hb variant interference from HbS, HbC, HbD or HbE*
8. Storage at room temperature

The LumiraDx HbA1c test is a smart, automated, highly portable solution designed to improve access and ease of use in community-based healthcare settings.

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