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NX-48S Genomic DNA Kit

Brand: Genolution

Category: Life Science

Tags: Genolution, NX-48S Genomic DNA Kit, DNA Extraction, RNA Extraction, DNA Extractor, RNA Extractor, Genomic, Whole blood

Key features and benefits :

    • Each kit consists of well-plates or cartridges and strips for either 48 tests or 96 tests. Other reagents in a screwtop tube or bottle may be also included depending on the type of kit.
    • Nextractor® NX-48S: 4, 32, and 96 well-plate pre-filled type for single, 8 and 24 samples respectively.

Sample : Whole Blood, Buffy Coat, Buccal Swab, Saliva.

Usage : Reagent to extract Genomic DNA for different types of genomic diagnosis.

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