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Genechecker Model UF-340 Four-in-One Real-time PCR System

Brand: Genesystem

Category: Life Science

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Product Description:

4-in-1 Individual Testing Module to Enhance the Efficiency of Your Molecular Tests.

Genesystem proudly introduces the Genechecker Model UF-340 Four-in-One Real-time PCR System, a microfluidic chip-based PCR method coupled with a compact and advanced hardware mechanism that significantly reduces the PCR testing turnaround time (TAT) to under 20-40 minutes.

To enhance the testing efficiency and versatility of the previous model, this platform consists of four individual testing modules and a 10.1″ Wide LCD Touch Screen to provide a comprehensive solution for PCR setup and result analysis.

By accommodating a greater sample capacity within a single device, users can save costs and space compared to using four separate devices.

Starting now, Genesystem is ready to present its sophisticated hardware technology to provide a more efficient and convenient molecular diagnostic platform for users.

Key features and benefits :

    • Four individual testing modules within one device to enhance testing efficiency and versatility.
    • Patented chip-based reactions deliver rapid output – “40 Cycles in 20 minutes”.
    • 10.1″ Wide LCD Touch Screen and intuitive user interface to simplify and streamline testing processes.

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