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Genechecker Model UF-300 Real-time PCR System

Brand: Genesystem

Category: Life Science

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Product Description:

Fast, Compact, and Intuitive Platform for On-Site Molecular Diagnostics

The Genechecker Model UF-300 Real-time PCR System features a touch panel interface on the top, allowing users to intuitively adjust parameters and run tests immediately. This 7-inch panel is made of a TFT screen to provide a brighter display and faster responsiveness.

While maintaining the unique performance of ultra-fast reactions, the Genechecker Model UF-300 Real-time PCR System offers improved accuracy and temperature uniformity. This platform has dual detection channels (FAM/ROX) for applications that demand internal testing control.

Key features and benefits :

    • Patented chip-based reactions provide rapid output – “40 Cycles in 20 Minutes”.
    • The intuitive user interface (LCD touch panel) makes testing simple and easy.
    • The compact platform design makes it ideal for point-of-care testing applications.
    • DC-driven operation with low power consumption (Battery operation possible).

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