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Category: Life Science

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Product Description:

Infinite® 200 PRO
Six configurations. Infinite possibilities.

The Infinite 200 PRO is an easy-to-use multimode plate reader family that offers affordable, high performance detection solutions, referenced in more than 1800 peer reviewed publications.

Based on this customer experience and feedback, the Infinite 200 PRO microplate plate reader has been continuously engineered for excellence. This proven platform has now evolved into a budget-friendly reader family consisting of six application-focused configurations, delivering performance and value to every lab, every day, for every assay.

Advantages of Product:

  1. Absorbance
    Superior performance and free wavelength choice – from ELISAs to low volume quantification of nucleic acids and proteins.
  2. Fluorescence
    Unparalleled sensitivity or ultimate flexibility. Filters provide sensitivity and access to advanced detection technologies – such as TR-FRET, HTRF® and FP – whereas monochromators offer you free wavelength selection between 280 and 850 nm, plus spectral scanning (excitation and emission) for fluorescent dyes
  3. Luminescence
    Multiple applications, dynamic results
    The Infinite 200 PRO is adept at producing high quality luminescence measurements for glow, flash and dual-color applications.

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