Blood Bank


BM 323 is the new generation of blood scale collection mixing and weighing instrument for mobile use as well as stationary used in blood centers.

  1. Gentle mixing and control of collection time gives high quality blood (platelets).
  2. Automatic counterbalancing at start of procedure.
  3. Manual or automatic working tube clamp.
  4. Suitable for all blood bags on the market.
  5. Measures gross or net volume with the best accuracy of < 1%.
  6. Automatic check on blood flow and collection time with buzzer alarm.
  7. Continuous display of collected volume, flow and time during collection.
  8. Preset standard volume – easy to change.
  9. Adjustable limits for low and high flow and time alarm.
  10. Repetitive notification of completed collection every minute including gentle mixing to avoid coagulation

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