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FibroScan® 502

The first clinically validated device using Transient Elastography. To date 1 000 FibroScan® 502 devices have been installed worldwide. FibroScan® is used to diagnose 1.5 million men, women and children every year.

Sharing powerful pratice

Quantitative & immediate results in kPa,
A large volume of the liver explored (about 100 times larger than the biopsy),
A large spectrum of applications (from the first diagnosis to the follow up of cirrhosis complications).

FibroScan® 502

As an adjunct to biopsy, FibroScan® 502 aids in decision making and enhances both patient and pratice management. Easy to operate, FibroScan® 502 offers:

Automatic adjustment of parameters depending on the probe choice

An integrated software and hardware providing unique core technology

A large, bright color screen giving complete view of patient examination

User-friendly interface and patient database

Data transfer by USB Key

Printing solutions


Technical specification

Functioning modes:

2D Strain Imaging




Computer & Software

Dedicated User Interface

Data import/ export on USB flash disk

Report Printing

Patients Database

Available storing space: 20000 patients



I 2-inch LCD

800x600, 256000 colors



VGA Output

RJ45 Output

USBx2 Outputs

Keyboard with 2-button Trackball

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