Donor Chair

Blood Bank



•    Chair Frame: ergonomic design, all wood,  # 1 common, kiln dried 5/4 hard wood supports, along with 1.5”furniture grade 13 ply, structural, exterior NAUF certified plywood side rails. Frame components assembled together with 7/16” round, 3” long hardwood dowels, glued and stapled at all connections, for longevity, structural stability.
•    Spring System: a layer of a combination of 9ga., 10.5ga. and 11.5ga. sinuous spring system, up to 22 in all, are strategically fastened onto the chair frame, interlocked together by a 16ga. fabric woven tempered wire, providing the balance of comfort and support to the donor/patient, according to weight distribution.
•    Under Fabric: a layer of oil tempered wire woven grid, covered in polypropylene fabric, fastened over the sinuous springs as an insulator and stabilizer, providing the ultimate protection and extending the life of the foam and upholstery.
•    Foam: Two layers of 1” fire rated foam with a minimum of 1.75 to1.85 density, installed over the polypropylene fabric for maximum comfort.
•    Upholstery: vinyl upholstery with Silverguard, Permablok, and Permaguard, to resist bacteria, mildew, scratch resistance, and stain resistant. UL tested and must meet Boston Fire Code test BFD IX-1, CA Tech 117 Section E FMVSS 302, for patient safety.
•    Metal Parts: all exposed metal parts to be chrome plated for ease of cleaning and durability.
•    Arm Pads: 7”(17.7cm) x 22” (55.8cm), swivel style arms rests, allowing for ease of entering and exiting the chair from the side. Height adjustment to raise and lower the arm rests for patient and caregiver comfort.
•    Chair Base: wood, ¾” 6 ply AC fir exterior plywood base sides, “no particle board construction”, along with 5/4 kiln dried hard wood structural supports. Outside of base covered with 1 layer of ¼”dense foam, covered with matching upholstery vinyl as the chair. Chair supported by 4 heavy gage steel legs, brushed and chromed finished, for easy cleaning and durability.
•    Motor (If Applicable): 24 Volt actuator motor, made of high strength zinc casting, glass reinforced plastic gearing, with synthetic grease used in gear box of actuator, for uninterrupted long life of service. Provide hand held pendant for smooth and ease of comfort positioning the chair head high and feet low, or head low and feet high. Electrical Specs:100V-240V, 50/60 Hz, 1.5 A, Single Phase
•    Manual Adjustment (If Applicable): fully adjustable 5 positioning manual control, to adjust head high, feet low, or head low, feet high.
•    Weight Capacity: maximum 350lbs. /159kg.
•    Dimensions: 60”L x 22” x 33” H / 152.4cm L x 56cmW x 84cmH
•    Certifications: UL, CE (MDD93/42/EEC), and FDA certifications

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