AMA RUT Expert



The world’s first Rapid Urease Test with Digital Reader

Sensitivity of the device is 98%, specificity – 100%. Such precision is achieved due to several factors:

  • The result is read by digital optics, which is far more precise than a human eye
  • The time of analyses is reduced thanks to kinetic evaluation of the test result: the device autostops and saves the result as soon as it becomes available
  • The structure of AMA RUT Expert stripes allows to reliably determine even the minimum presence of urease in the biopsy sample


Easy to use:

  • Automatic reading to save doctor’s time
  • Convenient display
  • Storage of results in device’s memory

 Saves money and biological material:

  • Multiple biopsy is supported to trace the urease from different parts of the stomach
  • Same biopsy samples can be sent for further analyses
  • Kits of 10 and 50 test are available

 Easy to store and transport:

  • Weighs only 40 g
  • No special conditions needed for transportation
  • Storage at +15 … +50°С



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